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  1. Resource Advice
    Obtain on the ground advice on the health and management options for your woodlot or tree planting plans.
  2. Management Plans (MFTIP)
    The Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) is designed to encourage landowner participation in natural resource stewardship on private forest land in Ontario. Under the MFTIP, qualifying forest lands (excluding residences) are reassessed similar to farm land values and taxed at 25% of the residential tax rate. To participate in the MFTIP, landowners must agree to certain conditions including preparing and following a Managed Forest Plan for their forest.
  3. Timber Marking
    Tree marking involves the selection of trees for harvest for commercial sale based on a forest management prescription. Trees are selected for harvest or retention based on their quality, wildlife benefits and other characteristics. Each tree to be cut is marked with paint to ensure that the prescription is followed through the marking and harvest operations.
  4. Timber Marketing
    Advertise the sale of your timber products to more Commercial Loggers to obtain the highest bid possible.
  5. Harvest Monitoring
    Ensure that harvest operations are completed carefully and protect the future value of your woodlot.
  6. Tree Planting
    Why plant trees? - enhance the aesthetic values of your property - sequester carbon - enhance and diversify the landscape - increase adaptive capacity to withstand climate change - moderate local climate by providing shade - moderating temperature extremes and reducing the effects of storms - increase wildlife habitat - increase soil and water conservation - provide local economic opportunities
  7. Additional Services
Our Team
  1. Greg Greer
    Greg Greer
    Owner and founder of G.W.G Resources in 1998. He worked for Lands and Forest and MNR for 30 years before retiring and staring his own consulting business. He is a certified provincial tree marker, scaler and tree marking auditor. Has many other certifications and licences.
  2. Darryl Greer
    Darryl Greer
    Has been with the company since 1998. Is a certified Tree Marker with skills in laying out trails and other resources for managing a woodlot.
  3. Deanna Greer
    Deanna Greer
    Deanna is the office manager. Deanna looks after payroll, accounting, finances and paperwork, lots of paperwork.
  4. Nick Courtney
    Nick Courtney
    Nick has been with G.W.G. since 2017. Nick is a Ontario Certified Tree Marker, a Provisional Member of the OPFA and a MFTIP Plan Approver. Previous to working with G.W.G. Nick was a GIS Technician and is adverse at GPS data collection and producing high quality maps.
About Us

G.W.G Resources Services has been in operation since 1998. Greg Greer has worked for Lands & Forest and then the Ministry of Natural Resources for 30 years before he retired at the end of 1998. During those 30 years he worked mainly in forestry throughout the province of Ontario, specializing in advisory, planning and silvicultural operations which included tree planting, tending operations, tree marking, monitoring logging operations and marketing of forest products, log scaling and management of forest properties.

Greg is certified as a provincial tree marker, timber scaler and tree marking auditor. Has a Forestry & Landscape Exterminator Pesticide License and have successfully completed numerous forestry courses; forest management, forest utilization, silvicultural practices, growth & yield installation, etc.; successfully completed the chainsaw-skidder operator-training course.

Greg is an Associate Member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association and also a member of the Ontario Forestry Association and the Ontario Woodlot Association. He also work part time with Forests Ontario & Tree Canada promoting tree planting across Southern Ontario and assist in increasing the amount of forest cover to offset the effects of climate change.
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