Timber Marketing
Timber marketing is the process of Tendering out your forest products in order to obtain competitive bidding.  This process ensures that you get the highest possible value for your products. Tenders are sent out to upwards of 20 competent logging contractors with a known reputation for ensuring your woodlot receives the least amount of residual damage.
Timber Marketing

Get competitive bidding on your sawlogs!

  1. Detailed tenders are sent out to upwards of 20 logging contractors with the number of trees marked per species, their volumes and average diameters as well as information regarding site conditions, site access, potential landing areas and harvest timing.
  2. We will review the proposed conditions set by the landowner and the logging contractor and develop agreeable terms of the contract that is suitable for both parties.
  3. G.W.G. will handle developing a contract between the landowner and the logging contractor and identify the conditions on how the woodlot will be left, how the trees are to be removed as well as access points, landing areas and skid trails.
  4. Ensuring Good Forestry Practices are carried out by all parties. Submitting the Notice of Intent to cut to the appropriate By-Law Officers. Some Counties charge a fee to submit a mandatory application which G.W.G will pay on behalf of the landowner.
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