Tree Planting

Planting trees is a practical way to get more from your property, give back to the community, and help the environment. Work with us, and you can increase the value of your land, improve the quality of your soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy. 
Tree Planting

Plan your legacy today!

  1. The site visit is one on the most critical steps during the planning process. It involves soil sampling, vegetation identification, species selection & GPS collection. Some major planting plans may require multiple site visits to ensure that the Landowner and Contractor are satisfied with the planting plan.
    Site Visit
  2. The planting plan is the visual result of the site visit. It will identify the areas to be planted, the acreage, species, density, planting arrangement and total number of trees being planted. The planting plan will also identify the necessary site preparation needed prior to planting and the following tending for the next 3 - 5 years.
    Planting Plan
  3. Site preparation is another important phase in your tree planting project. Whether the site is a retired pasture, a marginal farmland or riparian area, each site will need to be properly prepared to ensure proper planting and survival. We offer many different options including Plowing, Disc and Cultivating, Mowing and Herbicide Band Spraying.
    Site Preparation
  4. We offer mechanical seedling planting for block style and windbreaks, as well as hand planting of both seedlings and large potted or bareroot stock. We are equipped to handle sites of all types including riparian buffers, retirement of marginal farm land and large scale fragile land retirement. Large or small we plant them all!
  5. To maximize the success of your newly planted trees it is recommended to do follow-up tending. We offer services for mowing between rows of trees or herbicide application over your seedlings to control the competing vegetation.
  6. The most crucial stage of most major tree planting initiatives is the funding. There are a wide variety of funding available depending on the type, scale and geographic location of the planting. Some funding options are the Species At Risk Program, Huron Clean Water Program, ALUS Program and many more.
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